Do you want to get your installations, premises or houses back in good condition?

Choose an inspection of fixtures inventory by a third party building expert! Crypto Inspection carries out inspections of the inventory of fixtures. It allows for an inspection before and after an occurrence to ensure that the site is restored to good condition. It ensures the proper conservation of the inventory of fixtures and thus the good agreement during the rental, renovation work or the holding of an event between the two parties.

The elements observed during this inspection of the premises are selected according to your needs. At the end of the inventory of fixtures inspection, a detailed building condition report will be provided to you to certify the results. Following the reception of the report from the building expert, the person in charge of the premises may, in the event of a difference between the two reports, require that the facilities be repaired in accordance with the condition described in the first report.


Choose a site condition inspection by a Crypto Inspection building expert to have a third party provide objective advice on the site condition before and after construction. In the case of legal action or reluctance to repair by tenants, reports provided by a certified building expert can be used as evidence that damage was caused during the rental of the premises.


The advantages of inspection with Crypto Inspection

  • A personalized, professional and dynamic service
  • A certified inspector
  • A complete inspection
  • A state-of-the-art inspection
  • A very detailed report


Costs of inspection

The costs of the site condition inspection may vary depending on the type, size and frequency of the building.