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Have you bought a new house?

Choose Crypto Inspection for your pre-reception inspection! A pre-reception inspection is when you and your contractor conduct a site examination of your new home before delivery to determine what needs to be completed and possible hidden defects. This type of inspection can involve both the construction of a complete residence and the renovation of a single part. It clearly establishes the work to be completed, if any, or determines the condition of the property before the contractor leaves.

It ensures that both the interior and exterior work of your new construction, such as foundations, exterior cladding or interior doors and floors, are carried out according to the standards established at the beginning of the contract. In case of poor knowledge in the building field, it is strongly recommended to contact a building expert in order to carry out the pre-reception inspection.


The pre-acceptance inspection is made according to a list of predetermined elements by the Régie du bâtiment du Québec and allows for a kind of assessment of the status and progress of the work towards the end of the work. Following the inspection, a form will be given to you and when all the parameters of this form are completed, the Residential Construction Guarantee (RCA) will begin.

This type of inspection clearly protects you and marks the beginning of DGC. Choosing a building professional to perform the pre-reception inspection allows you to have an expert third party who will ensure that your new home or renovations have been done properly and that you can enjoy them with complete peace of mind.


The advantages of inspection with Crypto Inspection:

  • A personalized, professional and dynamic service
  • A certified inspector
  • A complete inspection
  • A state-of-the-art inspection
  • A very detailed report


Costs of inspection

The costs of the pre-reception inspection may vary depending on the type and size of the building.