About Crypto Inspection

Our main objective is to revolutionize the field of building inspection with our honesty, know-how and technology.

Crypto Inspection is a building inspection service that allows you to perform a complete inspection of your current or future building to ensure its condition. We would like to give our clients a true picture of the state of the building with modesty and professionalism to help you make a well-considered choice on the possible purchase or sale of a property.


I am Hugo Labbé, a building expert. I have extensive experience in many areas related to building construction and renovation. During my career as a cement applicator and carpenter, I have acquired extensive knowledge about concrete and the characteristics of a healthy home.

In addition to my experience in the building industry, I worked in the commercial sector for 3 years where I was in charge of finalizing the final details before the buildings were delivered. This extensive experience in these different construction sectors has provided me with expertise in the different types of buildings. I am someone who is motivated by the work well done and I make it a point of honour to give you the facts about minor and major problems. I offer you a professional service adapted to your needs so that you can enjoy your installations to the fullest, with complete peace of mind.